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Rubens Cortés Cano Tenerife 1974. In 1998 won a scholarship to study at the Oxford Brookes University (UK). Graduated as architect at the Granada School of Architecture in 2000. He founded the office M57architects in 2002.

His works has followed a research line concerning urban transformation and architectural operations on heritage buildings. He has been a visiting lecturer at several spanish and foreign schools of architecture including the Università Internazionalle dell’Arte, Venize; Alicante School of Architecture; Col·legi d'Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d'Edificació de Barcelona; Andalusian Associations of Architects and Granada School of Architecture.

In 2002 Rubens Cortés Cano received Honorable Mention by the COA of Granada for “Bronze. Loalba  Jewelry Shop” (Co-authors: Javier Castellano and José Luis López). The same year he got the 1st accesit of the J5 competition with social housing development projects in Berja (Almeria). In 2004 Guadix (Granada). In 2005 he received International Architecture Award FAD 2005 for his project “Manantial: Sound Box” in the category of temporary spaces (Co-authors: Javier Castellano and Joaquin Casanova). In 2008, his proposal for the Public Library María Lejárraga in Ogíjares (Granada) won the 1st prize of the ideas competition. In 2010, the project executed in Jaen “Raudal. Magdalena´s Fountain” was selected in the 6th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture, Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize and resulted FAD Awards Finalist 2010 in the category of public spaces (Co-authors: Javier Castellano and Noelia Martinez).

His Work has been displayed at exhibitions in Spain and abroad including the 11th Biennale di Architettura di Venize.
He has been published in numerous specialized architectural magazines and reviews as On Design, Negozzi, Arquitectura Viva, Proyecto Contract and Via Arquitectura.


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Civil Engineer

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Structure Consultant

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Video Post-producer
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Mechanical Engineer
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Graphic Designer
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